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Equalizing Opportunities for the Knowledge Worker

The year 2020 has been a year for the books … in so many ways. Many of us have experienced our first pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted minorities. Many of us are outraged and confused by police brutality against black communities. Many of us are wondering how and when we can safely emerge and assimilate back into the workplace and our communities. One thing is for sure, the world as we knew it just a few months ago has changed and will change for generations to come. There isn’t a better time for us to think about our workforce, our customers, and our communities to enable greater parity and equality not only in the US, but around the globe, especially considering the impacts of globalization and transnational business. At TAP, We are Focused on Doing Better

For us, Doing Better starts with building and shaping a workforce that is reflective of our customers, our strategy, and the communities in which we operate. Equity and Inclusion is core to who we are and paramount to helping our clients “think outside the box”, navigate the competitive marketplace, and leverage disruptive events to chart a new path to achieving results. As a diverse team of independent consultants and advisors, we are taking logical steps to challenge the status quo, enable companies with the agility to better respond to market needs and build greater resilience to future disruptions. 

Diversity in Leadership Through Equity & Inclusion

Does your workforce and leadership reflect and align with your strategy, customers, and communities? Now may be a great time to better align your organization and workforce to draw a deeper and closer connection with your customers and communities to maximize value. Advancing Diversity has been a strategy for many companies and has grown tremendously in recent years but many would argue that the expected results have not yielded as soon as expected. As a leader, employee, and customer you have the opportunity to refocus efforts on building Equity and Inclusion within your teams. Here are five questions that you should ask your executive team and peers. 

  1. What is the pulse, tone, and culture of our organization? Are we diverse at all levels in the organization? 

  2. Who is responsible and accountable for building Equity and Inclusion? 

  3. Is equity and inclusion captured in 360-degree feedback reviews? 

  4. Are our sponsorship and mentorship programs working and being measured? 

  5. Are our products and services reflective of the needs and wants of diverse customers? 

React & Repave the Course

The recent events have reminded us that biases, whether conscious or not, still exist in America which may result in inequality in the workplace. We have an opportunity to stand together and influence change. What will you do? 

Written by: Dominique Foster-Jordan

JUNE 15, 2020


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